Precise and professional payroll computation

Our accounting firm at your service in Helsinki and its surroundings

Oy Accountia Partners Ab takes care of small and middle-sized companies’ payroll computation reliably and precisely. It is worth it to have professional help to make sure that the payroll computations are performed correctly. For instance, it is necessary to consider insurances, tax matters, and labour union membership fees. Your employees will always get their wages on time and correctly when you have a professional accounting firm at your disposal.  Ask for more information about payroll computation!

Save time, money, and effort – outsource your payroll computation

Payroll computation calls for extra precision and care, both for the amounts and due dates. The employees expect to have a just compensation for the work they have done on the agreed-upon day. The computing of even one employee can call for a lot of work, and even more so if there are several employees. This is why it is worth it to outsource your payroll computation; more time can be spent in productive work and your employees will always get their wages correctly and on time. Read about our accounting firm’s other services!